Road repairs are behind schedule

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REPAIRS to drought-damaged roads in the Spalding area are behind schedule through lack of funding.

Roads in Spalding, Holbeach and Bourne are among 150 that were indentified in the county in February as being most in need of attention.

Cracks appeared in the roads through lack of moisture in the soil as the whole of the UK faced the worst drought in 30 years following low rainfall during the winter,

Last month, lorry driver Martin Maddison called on Lincolnshire County Council to repair a potholed and crumbling road before it claimed someone’s life.

Mr Maddison (46), of Everard Road, Tongue End, said South Fen Road – which links his village with Bourne – was crumbling under the weight of heavy lorries.

He said: “They are going to look into it, so they say, but it doesn’t need looking into – it needs doing straight away.”

Jonathan Pearson, the county council’s area highways manager, said: “We joined forces with neighbouring authorities to submit a bid to the Government for extra cash to tackle drought-damaged roads in the county. We weren’t successful unfortunately and are naturally disappointed about this.

“What we’re now doing is reprioritising our annual highways maintenance programme to help make sure the roads that are in most need of attention can be dealt with. Our regular highways inspections are continuing to ensure that the roads are kept as safe as possible for motorists to use. We’re also exploring whether any additional money can be identified.”