‘I’ve had enough of unsafe roads’, says Moulton Seas End villager

CLOSE SHAVE: A school bus and tractor narrowly avoid each other in Moulton Seas End.  Photo supplied.
CLOSE SHAVE: A school bus and tractor narrowly avoid each other in Moulton Seas End. Photo supplied.
  • Homeowner to sell up over road crash fears
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A homeowner is selling up and moving out of his village in protest at the state of its road safety.

The man, who asked not to be named, blamed county highways officials for the “complete mess” created by “great, big container lorries” travelling through Moulton Seas End and Saracen’s Head.

Villagers and councillors have campaigned for a footpath to be built in Moulton Seas End which Lincolnshire County Council has so far resisted.

But after a bus full of students left Seas End Road, Moulton Seas End, and landed in a ditch last December, the man has decided to leave the village.

He said: “I want to move because of what’s going on, with HGVs coming near my fence and an enormous pothole outside my house.

“These roads aren’t meant to be carrying these great, big container lorries that come through the village daily and the locals are totally fed up with it.

Seas End Road has no adequate verge to walk on so how can you expect children to walk down this road safely at 4pm in the winter when it is pitch dark?

Dawn Adams, of Moulton Seas End

“They now are parking their cars in a way to stop HGVs coming into the village, even when the highways department advised HGV drivers to keep off the grass verges as they are soft.

“I’ve complained about it to the highways department, but they’ve done absolutely nothing and there are no plans to do anything about it.”

Fears over excess traffic coming through Moulton Seas End have led parish councillors to oppose plans by Moulton growers Oldershaws to expand its cold store building for potatoes.

A statement from Oldershaws said: “The extension is required for the extra storage of potatoes as we are growing more crops and required to keep them for longer.

“As this is the main yard, this will reduce the transporting of crops to other yards and back again, to grade at a later date.”

But in its objection statement, The Moultons Parish Council said: “The additional storage facilities will increase traffic, in addition to the large amount of traffic currently having access to the site”.

Figures from Lincolnshire County Council, after a Freedom of Information request by the Spalding Guardian, showed that 18 accidents had taken place on roads in Moulton Seas End between January 2010 and September 2016.

During this period, 26 people had been injured in those crashes, five seriously and one fatally.

Campaigner Dawn Adams, of Moulton Seas End, said: “I have been in contact with Lincolnshire highways department countless times to request a footpath between the Seas End Road part of the village and The Golden Lion pub which is always declined.

“There is no adequate verge to walk on and a blind bend so when it is wet and dark, how can you safely expect children to walk down this road when it is pitch dark by 4pm in the winter?

“The point still remains that with traffic speeds out of the village, on this part of Seas End Road, a footpath is desperately needed before an accident does occur.”

Coun Suzanne Thorpe, a Moulton Seas End ward member on The Moulton Parish Council, said: “The amount of accidents registered appears to be lower than expected and I wonder if it takes into account the single-vehicle accidents that blight the Loosegate/Seas End Road area between Woodhouse Lane and the village? “It was very concerning when the school bus came off the road with children on board late last year because, over that time, myself and other residents had noticed other vehicles that had left the road around the time when it was dark, muddy and sometimes icy.

“Perhaps a reduction in speed, speed enforcement and white lines to mark the road’s edge might reduce the incidents.

“Often it seems as if the vehicle gets on the soft mud, at the roads edge, and can’t recover as it slides into the ditch because there is no verge before the ditch

“In my opinion, either a pavement should be installed, if possible, or some signs and speed enforcement.”

All three district councillors for The Moultons have pledged to continue fighting for a footpath and other road safety measures to be taken in Moulton Seas End.

Coun Anthony Casson said: “Seas End Road is an extremely dangerous stretch of road, coming into the village from the direction of Moulton.

“There is no footpath on either side of the road, making it very dangerous for people to walk along and they do so at their own risk.”

Coun Rodney Grocock said: “A resident of Moulton Seas End reported this problem to me 18 months ago and the problem that causes some accidents is speed.

“Common Road/Seas End Road is a two-mile straight road and strangers to the area or people unaware of the layout of Moulton Seas End come off the straight part of it at high speed, losing control of their vehicles and into people’s gardens.

“I emailed the facts to the highways department and they said it would be looked at, but nothing has changed.”

Coun Andrew Woolf said: “I totally support what Dawn Adams is doing and, in reality, I don’t see any reason why provision of a footpath should be resisted any more.”

A county highways spokesman said: “Although there have been accidents in this area, none of the resulting investigations have found the roads themselves to be a contributory factor.

“With regard to having a footpath created, this has been explored in the past and there is simply insufficient highways land to accommodate one.”