Heroes save driver from sinking car in Spalding

The blue Vauxhall Corsa that plunged into the River Welland in Spalding.
The blue Vauxhall Corsa that plunged into the River Welland in Spalding.
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A 35-year-old woman from Spalding is lucky to be alive after she was dramatically rescued when her car plunged into the River Welland.

Two men, at least one thought to be Eastern European, helped the woman to safety after a blue Vauxhall Corsa she was driving along Haverfield Road went straight across London Road and into the river at about 8.45pm on Tuesday.

A passer-by, who asked not to be named, said: “There’s a bit of a hill in Haverfield Road that you can’t see properly sometimes, so it looks like the woman over-accelerated and went in the river.

“An Eastern European 
man and a guy in a Domino’s Pizza uniform swam in and pulled her out through the window as the car was 

“It took some time for the emergency services to get here and if it wasn’t for the passers-by who went in the river to save her before the 
car sank, she could have drowned.”

No one else was involved in the crash and the woman was eventually checked over by paramedics who confirmed there were no injuries.

A London Road resident, who also asked not to be named, said: “The woman had driven up Haverfield Road from the direction of Spalding Grammar School but how or why she went across London Road and into the river, goodness knows.

“She was in the car for nearly 15 minutes and the water was slowly creeping up, but she was able to open the window on the passenger side and get her head above water before two men jumped in the river and helped her out.

“It was rather strange because because the car’s headlights were still on, the windscreen wipers were fine and the back lights were still going strong.

“As the car went under the water, the boot opened because of the air pressure inside and there were about 50 people on the riverbank watching.

“Even though she was wearing a seat belt, the woman had no physical injuries but she was shaken.

“It was a dramatic event and I like the aspect that at least one foreign worker jumped in the river to help her.”

Recovery workers were at the scene of the crash yesterday to recover the vehicle and Lincolnshire Police now consider the matter to be closed.

Spalding community policing inspector Jim Tyner said: “At about 8.50pm on Tuesday, police received a report of a car in the River Welland at London Road and the junction of Haverfield Road, Spalding.

“A blue Vuaxhall Corsa was driven along Haverfield Road but at the junction, the vehicle travelled straight across London Road and went into the river.

“The driver, a 35-year-old Spalding woman, was released by passers-by and checked by an ambulance crew but she was uninjured.”

Spalding Water Taxi services on the River Welland continued as normal yesterday and an Environment Agency spokesman confirmed that the river had been assessed for any possible pollution risk, but none was found.