Concern that new A1073 is still dangerous

Police at the scene of last week's accident
Police at the scene of last week's accident
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FRIGHTENED motorists have called for action to make the new £80m Spalding to Peterborough road safer.

The new A1073 was built to replace the old accident-ridden route, but drivers fear that it too is becoming a danger after a series of head-on collisions and accidents since it opened last summer.

It has been suggested that the current problems are as a result of bad driving rather than the road conditions – with motorists speeding and taking on dangerous overtaking manoeuvres – but users want something put in place to warn people of the need to drive carefully.

Cowbit resident Alison Bowie, owner of Turquoise Tiger, tries to avoid using the new road after a collision she had near the Queens Bank flyover in October.

Her VW Golf was written off after a crash with a Range Rover, leaving her and her passenger with whiplash.

It was in a similar spot to last week’s accident, in which an eight-month-old baby boy and his parents were seriously injured.

The boy is now out of hospital but his parents are still in a serious but stable condition.

It brought back bad memories to Alison of her crash.

She said: “It was pretty horrendous and my passenger is still undergoing physiotherapy – it was a really nasty experience. I now take the old road and I still get nightmares.

“I think there is something about that road that makes people think they have got more time than they have.

“I’m no traffic calming expert but whether it’s speed cameras or signs, something needs to be done to make people think twice.

“I think it is an excuse to say it was bad driving rather than the road. It’s very easy to say that but they should try asking the people involved in an horrendous accident. So much money was spent on the road and I think something needs to be done.”

County and district councillor Paul Przyszlak was himself involved in two near misses on Tuesday with two oncoming cars overtaking a lorry in quick succession of each other.

Coun Przyszlak – a police authority member – says the force do not have the resources to constantly monitor the road and added: “A bit of Tarmac and a bit of tin never killed anybody. It’s when you put a person in there.

“I think one of the problems that adds to this silly overtaking is the law of unintended consequences. You have got these lorries restricted to 40mph and people get impatient behind them – it actually makes people take risks.”

However, Coun Przyszlak and other Crowland councillors said that the new road is better than its predecessor but still feel there should have been a roundabout at the staggered junction near the old radar corner.

Lincolnshire County Council says it works with police and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to see if highway improvements are needed at accident sites.

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