Car crashes into kitchen and students have scare

A car skidded and crashed into a house in Long Sutton on Monday night.
A car skidded and crashed into a house in Long Sutton on Monday night.
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A car slid off the road and crashed into a bungalow during a night of snow and ice in Long Sutton on Monday.

The crash happened in Anfield Road where a couple were thought to be sleeping at about 10.25pm.

The car, a white Seat Leon, left the road and crashed into the kitchen where firefighters turned off the gas supply as a precaution.

Rodney Thorpe (72) of Anfield Road said: “We just heard a huge bang so my wife got out of bed to have a look outside and this car had planted itself in next door’s kitchen.

“It took the impact as the window was blown in and the firefighters disconnected the gas supply because it was very close to where the car went.”

Another neighbour, Keith Wright (71) said: “I was watching TV with my wife and we heard an almighty bang as if someone was going through the sound barrier.

“I looked outside and saw that a car was in next door’s garden.

“I can only think that the car tried to whip round the corner and went out of control.”

One of the occupants of the house was treated for shock but there were no injuries.

Meanwhile, seven students had a lucky escape when the coach they were on ran off an icy road onto the edge of a dyke in Holbeach St Matthews on Tuesday.

The students were travelling to Spalding Grammar School when the accident happened at about 8.30am.

A passer-by, who asked not to be named, said: “I spoke to the driver who said that as the coach came round a slight bend, he turned and the weight of the vehicle took it off the road.

“The coach’s nearside wheel was hanging over the edge of a dyke, but a couple of farmers in tractors came along to help and they managed to get all the children off the coach.

“The driver was very shaken but he handled it really well as it could have been much worse.”

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesman said: “The coach had slowed to pass another bus coming in the opposite direction but, due to the angle of the road and the compacted snow, it slid onto the grass verge.

“No one was hurt and the seven children on the bus were returned home by the other bus involved.”