Burst water main brings ‘havoc’ to road

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Residents in a West Pinchbeck road bore the brunt of a burst water main that they claim brought HGVs and cars speeding outside their homes.

Dozen’s Bank was closed for almost 24 hours while engineers repaired a water main which burst on Bank Holiday Monday.

But the road closure led some motorists heading towards Bourne to use Blacksmith’s Row, a one-way 40mph road, as a shortcut despite road signs to confirm Dozen’s Bank was closed.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It was a total nightmare and we had huge articulated lorries trying to get down here, as well as cars coming off the main road at 50mph.

“I was sitting in my house, half-expecting someone to come through our window and some cars were driving up our garden trying to get past each other.”

Another resident, who also declined to be named, said: “It caused absolute havoc and drivers were just ignoring the No Entry signs.

“The language from some of them was horrendous and they weren’t going to stop for anybody.”

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “There were large numbers of signs telling people there was no through route along the A151.

“Unfortunately, many people simply ignored the signs and tried to find their own way through using local roads.”