Anger at repairs done with topsoil

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AN ANGRY villager has hit out at county highways chiefs after they repaired the side of roads in Whaplode St Catherine with top soil.

Tom McAvoy reckons that cartoon character Bob the Builder would have done a better job with repair works in the village than Lincolnshire County Council’s contractors.

The job has seen the council use soil to beef up grass verges by the side of the roads in and around Whaplode St Catherine which have been damaged by heavy vehicles and bosses insist it is their standard practice.

The move angered Mr McAvoy who said: “They have come along and done something that even Bob the Builder wouldn’t have done.

“They have filled in the ruts with top soil and then put grass seed on it.

“I personally think that theey should go along and fill the ruts in with something substantial like road plaining.

“The man who suggested filling them in with soil should not be in that job - they haven’t got a clue.”

Mr McAvoy suggested that rain would quickly wash the soil away and does not think it will do the job of provided a suitabke verge for traffic pulling over to allow wide farm and haulage vehicles to pass.

He questioned whether the soil was a cost cutting measure but bosses said that was not the case.

Area Highways Manager Jonathan Pearson said: “The purpose of these works were to repair areas of verge overrun which has been caused by large vehicles damaging grassed verges adjacent to the road edge.

“The works involved importing and levelling topsoil and in some areas where rutting was severe the compacting of sub base (hard core) material before soiling.

“This is the standard method used to deal with verge over run.

“These repairs are not carriageway repairs and do not relate to the County Councils programme of planned pothole repairs and as such are nothing to do with any cost saving initiative.”