TRANSPORT: I know how I would use lottery cash

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If I was as lucky as £108m EuroMillions winner Neil Trotter, I could certainly tick off a few luxuries from my wish list. However I’d be more than happy to spend half of it dualling the A16 between Spalding and Peterborough.

As it is, the road isn’t fit for purpose. For years, locals lobbied for a straighter, wider and safer route while what we ended up with was more of the same but with the addition of dangerous junctions and twice the volume of traffic.

You can’t blame drivers being frustrated at having to sit behind lorry after lorry trundling along at 46mph and then taking a risk to overtake at the slightest opportunity.

Where is the provision for the inevitable increase in traffic over the next few years? What is going to happen if the rail hub is ever built at Deeping St Nicholas ? We will have hundreds more HGVs using the A16 and the traffic will grind to a halt at peak times.

The road was planned and built with the short-term goal of getting existing traffic off the A1073 and no thought was ever given to a future upgrade to a dual carriageway.

It’s a shame those who planned and built it aren’t forced to use it every day.

Patrick Wensor