TRAINS: Group has no right to speak for us

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I note that in the same old diatribe in George Scott’s letter he once more fails to acknowledge that if the line to Lincoln had not been reduced to a single 8.30am to 5pm shift it would have closed.

He also fails to mention that when the summer timetable comes into force later this year, due to the increased speed limits, journey times to Peterborough and Lincoln will be reduced.

Since their formation they have achieved absolutely nothing but failures

Apart from the fact that there may be a case for an earlier train and a later train from Lincoln, those who at present use the service seem to think that it is fit for purpose.

What is not fit for purpose is the Peterborough and Spalding Transport Forum.

Since their formation they have achieved absolutely nothing but failures.

I note he mentions they are going to discuss freight trains and East Coast passenger trains diversions which are nothing whatsoever to do with them.

It is readily apparent they are doing this to continue their posturings so as to give the impression that they are some important group charged with shaping the future of public transport in the area.

They are not and readers should be aware of the fact that this is because they are neither elected or appointed by any government department to represent us and so, therefore, they have no official status whatsoever, so they have no right to claim to speak for us or be our representatives, which they seem to imply they are.

As for Sunday trains, these were not financially viable even at our Tulip Festival weekends and it is doubtful if they were last December when the Lincon Christmas Market was taking place.

Finally Mr Scott, where are all those letters that agree with your ideas?