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Delightful Donnie needs a new home

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In their weekly Man's Best Friend column, staff at Jerry Green try to find a home for Donnie and teach us a new training trick...

We are really hoping to find a new home for our lovely lurcher Donnie who has been with us for nearly four months.

He is a ball of fun, and wants a home where he can play and snooze at his leisure. He will tell you a little bit more about himself now.

“Hi everyone! I’ve been at Jerry Green Dog Rescue for quite a while now, with very little interest. I’m not sure why though, as all of my friends here say I’m such a lovely boy!

Donnie still needs a forever home (54198140)
Donnie still needs a forever home (54198140)

“I’m really looking for a home where I can be my playful self. I love chasing after toys or having a good game of tug in the garden.

“I will also be sure to curl up on your sofa once I’ve tired myself out. In between my naps I enjoy going on nice walks or zooming around in a secure field as I can be an active boy at times.

“I may even enjoy going on regular walks with doggy pals as I have enjoyed this here at the centre, but I would prefer to have a home to myself so no other dogs or cats in the home for me.

“To keep my brain busy, the team have been teaching me a few basic cues and I think I would enjoy carrying on with this once I am home, as well as some food toys like kongs or snuffle mats.

I would like to have a garden with six feet fencing to keep me safe and help with my toilet training refresher, as I do try to keep my kennel clean where possible.

I need a home with people 16 years plus, who won’t leave me for more than two to three hours initially. We can continue to build these up.

If you think you have room for me on your sofa then please call 01205 260 546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk for more information about me.

Training tip: swapping items

Just like us, some dogs can get worried by items being taken away from them, especially if they think the item is very valuable.

If resources are repeatedly taken away from our dogs, they may learn that the approach of a person when they have a valuable item means they might lose it; some dogs may then display aggressive behaviour as a way of communicating that they would like to keep the item in their possession.

We can help prevent our dogs displaying these behaviours, by teaching them early on that when they have an item of value in their possession that good things happen and it is not always taken away. A really simple way of dog this is the swaps game:

· Every time you need to take something from your dog, swap it for something else that your dog thinks is equally or more valuable.

· This way your dog will form positive associations about you taking something away, as you’re exchanging it for something else they love. For example, if you are taking away a toy, try swapping it for another favourite toy or very tasty treats. If you are taking away a chew, swap this for really amazing food, such as chicken.

· Make sure to give your dog the better item before trying to take what they have away, or drop several pieces of special food onto the ground away from your dog so that they have to leave whatever it is they have in order to go over to eat the treats – then you can calmly pick it up and remove it while they are busy enjoying themselves.

· Where you can, try to return the swapped item to your dog shortly after taking it.

If your dog has shown aggressive behaviour around items previously, please contact an accredited behaviourist for guidance on how to help you with this behaviour.

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