TRAFFIC: We need speed bumps on Park Road

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I live on Park Road in Spalding and have noticed a huge rise in the speed of vehicles using this road.

Many vehicles travel above the 30mph speed limit and, at a guess, 70 to 80 per cent of drivers probably average 40-50mph and there is a small number that drive at dangerously high speeds, easily doubling the speed limit. There used to be regular mobile speed checks on this road several years ago to get drivers to slow down but since the recession and police cuts these checks have stopped altogether.

We have many pensioners living along this road and it is a main route for many school children who have to cross it to get to the footbridge.

This road is virtually straight for about a mile which encourages drivers to put their foot down.

Cars are often getting their wing mirrors knocked off by vehicles trying to squeeze through at speed – the faster drivers travel, the more aggressive they get.

Surely with the increase of traffic on our roads it is time to put in calming measures such as regular speed bumps.

Mr N. Bingham

Park Road