Traffic snarl-ups amid surge of recycling centre users

A lorry overtaking the queue of traffic waiting to get into the recycling centre on West Marsh Road.
A lorry overtaking the queue of traffic waiting to get into the recycling centre on West Marsh Road.
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A SPALDING woman has hit out at traffic congestion at the town’s recycling centre, describing it as an “accident waiting to happen”.

Wendy Chew said she has visited the centre on West Marsh Road twice this week and both times there were around 15 vehicles queuing from the centre’s entrance right back to the Wardentree Lane roundabout.

She said tempers were becoming frayed as people were trying to enter the centre directly from the other carriageway rather than joining the end of the queue at the roundabout.

“Lincolnshire’s roads are a hotspot for mortality,” she said. “Yet here we have vehicles queuing right along the main road in an industrial area used by lorries and other vehicles, it really is a recipe for disaster.”

Mrs Chew, who said she has contacted the county’s highways department about the issue, said the layout of the roads in the area should have been planned better because of the needs of the power station and the traffic associated with it.

“Inside the gates is a first-class operation,” she said.

“Spalding is very lucky to have such an excellent recycling centre.

“However, the situation outside the gates is an accident waiting to happen.”

Mrs Chew also said that Mondays could be extra busy because the centre closes on Tuesdays.

Ian Taylor, Environmental Services Team Leader at Lincolnshire County Council, said; “People are making the most of the recent good weather by catching up with their gardening and the site has been particularly busy over the past few days, the busiest in the county in fact.

“There are twice as many garden waste skips and compactors at this site already compared to the other recycling centres.

“We would urge people to be patient with each other, and if there is a big queue, please think about coming back later.

“We will be putting up signs requesting people not to turn right into the site, and not to queue beyond a certain point, to help ensure their safety and others using the road.”