Traffic lights and some closure during Crowland bridge repair work

The Gravel Causeway, over the River Welland, near Crowland. ANL-161215-144002001
The Gravel Causeway, over the River Welland, near Crowland. ANL-161215-144002001
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The concrete bridge over the River Welland on the B1166 near Crowland will be refurbished in the New Year, with works expected to last up to eight weeks.

The five span concrete bridge – known locally as the Gravel Causeway – was built in 1953 and is now in need of repairs and maintenance.

From Wednesday, January 4 to February 20, the bridge will be open to traffic and managed by temporary traffic lights. A full road closure will be in place from February 20 to March 3.

Andrew Antcliff, senior bridge engineer, said: “These extensive repairs will protect the bridge structure for the future and ensure it will remain in good condition for generations to come.

“Where possible the works will be carried out under temporary traffic lights, to keep disruption to drivers, residents and businesses to a minimum.

“Some road closures will be required due to the narrow width of the bridge, to ensure work can be completed safely.”

During closures a diversion route will be signposted using the B1166, A16, A1175, B1525, B1166 and visa-versa. Temporary traffic signals will cover the junction on the west side, and a temporary 30mph speed limit will be enforced at the site during the works.

Drivers should reduce speeds and take care while temporary surfaces are in use on the bridge. The route will continue to be gritted while temporary lights are in use. Once the road is closed over the bridge, the road on the east side won’t be gritted, although will still be accessible to the public.

Pedestrians will be able to walk over the bridge during the works, along a safe defined route. Parking will be available on the east of the bridge during the road closure, so anyone wishing to park and walk across the bridge can easily do so.

Much of the concrete repair works will be carried out from below the bridge using a floating pontoon in the River Welland, so contractors working at the site may not always be visible from the road. Pleasure craft and other waterway users will still be able to use the river and adjacent slipway and moorings.

During the works Highways will:

• Repair the concrete elements of the bridge, re-waterproof the deck, and install new joints that allow for expansion and contraction of the concrete decks during changing seasonal temperatures.

• Install new kerbs, drainage and surfacing over the bridge.

• Repair damage to the northern parapet edge beam on a more permanent basis,(following temporary repairs).

• Ramps leading onto the bridge will be raised using a technique of injecting foam into the slabs, having settled due to the Fen land below.

• Give a protective concrete coating to vulnerable areas of the concrete facades and piers.

• Once the present surfacing and waterproofing is removed, a detailed inspection of the hidden parts of the structure will be carried out, to confirm what repairs are needed.