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Buses parking on Stonegate at Spalding High School are going to cause an accident, says frustrated parent

An outdated school bus parking system means there is an ‘accident waiting to happen’, according to one parent.

David Whyte, who lives in Woolram Wygate in Spalding, picked up his daughter from the town’s High School for the first time last Friday (September 10).

He was left frustrated after having to wait for 25 minutes on Stonegate before he could drive away.

Traffic on Stonegate at Spalding High School in 2018.
Traffic on Stonegate at Spalding High School in 2018.

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked at the number of buses littered down the road,” he said.

“They’re literally just blocking the flow of traffic. I was blocked by eight buses, all of them empty, no children on them and waiting for a teacher to come and load them up.”

Mr Whyte says he spoke to a bus company, who were unable to do anything about his concerns.

“Basically, the school won’t allow any buses to leave until four of them are loaded. But they’re blocking the highway,” he said.

“If cars are parked on the side of the road, like I was, then the buses park next to me and I’m blocked in. I was stuck for 25 minutes, waiting for a bus to move.

“I raised concerns with the teachers and their attitude was, ‘it is what it is, tough’.

“Surely the school needs to adapt.

“They’ve got a big enough driveway that the buses could surely pull up on, load up and pull out of in a more safe environment.”

After seeing one driver speeding away after being stuck for 20 minutes, Mr Whyte is worried that the situation could get even worse.

“One of these days there’s going to be an accident,” he said.

“Surely if a child then ran out from behind a bus, then it’s an accident waiting to happen?”

The Spalding Guardian had approached Spalding High School for a comment. They said the bus processes are arranged by Lincolnshire County Council, and are reviewed regularly but haven’t changed in recent years.

Anita Ruffle, head of transport services at the county council, said: “The arrangements at Spalding High School for this year are no different to previous years.

“We will however organise for our inspection team to undertake an urgent site visit to investigate the concern that has been raised.”

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