Traffic calming plan for Surfleet ‘not enough’

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SURFLEET Parish Council is asking the county council to go back to the drawing board and come up with a proper plan to put the brakes on traffic speeding in Station Road.

The parish offered to foot half the bill for traffic calming – but turned down the county’s £3,600 scheme because it would leave the road little changed from now.

County plans were unveiled at the parish council meeting on Tuesday.

Clerk Leanne Barlow told members: “It’s just signage and paint in the road. There’s no speed bumps.”

Members heard the county proposed to have a sign on twin posts outside the school, replacing a similar sign on a single post, and paint hatch markings in the road.

Coun Allen Dobney said: “If you can’t have something beneficial, why spend your money on something like that?”

He said a proper scheme would probably cost between £5,000 and £10,000 but it would be better for the council to pay for something it actually wants rather than something it doesn’t want.

Members said the school is not an issue so far as speeding is concerned and cars waiting around the school actually slow through-traffic.

Coun Judy Chapman said: “When the parents are outside the school you can’t go 30mph, you can only go 20mph.”

And chairman Coun Glynn Waltham said: “It’s out of school hours that the cars are racing down there. It’s not during school hours.”

Former parish councillor Malcolm Dennis blamed drivers of Audis and luxury cars for speeding.

He said: “If you followed them, they would all be going to the golf club.”

The council agreed to send a note to Spalding Golf Club and ask that it goes up on the noticeboard.

Members also said similar notes should go to Spalding Hockey Club and Pinchbeck Football Club because speeding coincides with use of the all-weather pitch.