Town did not make most of the jubilee

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SPALDING should have made more of an effort to do the Queen proud over the Jubilee weekend.

Only around 100 people turned up to see the beacon lit on the top of the South Holland Centre on Monday evening, followed by a fireworks display from St Mary and St Nicolas Church.

Organisers say they were pleased with how the evening went, but said it was disppointing there were no other events to draw in the crowds.

And one South Holland district councillor who attended said much more could have been done to make the town centre a focal point for celebrations to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

Coun Gary Taylor, whose ward includes the town centre, said a big screen showing the Buckingham Palace concert could have been put up in Market Place, with stalls and entertainment,

He even suggested the major event on the town’s calendar, the Flower Parade, could have been moved back a few weeks to coincide with the celebrations.

He said: “The beacon event was quite good if you don’t like crowds. I don’t think a lot of people knew that it was happening and many more were involved in garden and street parties, so there were only about 50 people in Market Place.

“It was crying out for a big screen broadcasting the Jubilee concert – I’m not being critical but we really didn’t make the most of the opportunity.

“I don’t know whether it was ever suggested, but could the flower parade have been moved back? It wouldn’t have cost the taxpayer anything and would have really made the weekend something special.

“As it was, Spalding is the main town in South Holland and there wasn’t a major event. We should have done a bit more.”

The Rev John Bennett, who was involved in St Mary and St Nicolas Church’s celebration, said another 50 or more gathered at the church and watched the beacon lighting and fireworks from The Vista.

He said: “The weather was perfect and there was a nice family party atmosphere, but it was a shame there wasn’t more on in Spalding. We planned our events around when we thought there would be other big events on, but that just didn’t happen.”