TOWN CENTRE: Holbeach seems to be dying slowly

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I moved to this area some five years ago, and I feel Holbeach is a small town dying slowly. A great deal of time and money is spent in Spalding, but Holbeach seems to get overlooked.

We have lost two banks, many shops are now empty and the High Street looks very old and tired. There is a pub that looks derelict, and several shops are empty and extremely shabby. I note the Christmas decorations have now been put up, again they look old and tired. There seems little Christmas joy in Holbeach which I feel is very sad. I have recently been informed there is no Christmas Street market this year.

Most of the people I speak to say they go to other towns to do their main shopping, as there is very little in Holbeach. It would be very nice if someone from the Council took some interest in Holbeach and not put all their efforts into Spalding.

Would be interesting to see what our councillors and MP have to say on this matter.

Edna Lambert