Town band needs cash help due to increased popularity

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Holbeach Town Band is proving so popular and successful that it has formed an offshoot band.

Holbeach Victoria Training Band is aimed at younger or less-experienced players.

The band had its first rehearsal last Wednesday evening with 14 members aged between eight and 70.

They have all progressed from Holbeach Town Band’s weekly learner group.

Membership of the training band is open to all brass players of whatever age. Members have a minimum ability equivalent to Music Grade 1.

Anyone interested in learning to play is welcome at the town band’s learner group which meets on a Saturday morning. As learners progress they are encouraged to move into the training band.

Holbeach Town Band is now needing more cash to fund its increase in popularity.

It needs to purchase music suitable to a training band and a uniform. And additional instruments are badly needed – with 34 players in the town band, 13 in the training band and 18 in the learner group most of the instruments have been allocated.