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Top tips from Pinchbeck's Pancake Queen

You can keep your Easter eggs and your Valentine’s Day roses, the day many of us has been waiting for is finally here - it’s pancake day!

As with all celebrations, this year things are a little bit different with some of us attempting to make pancakes for the first time.

Others might also want to brush up on their skills and the good news is that Pinchbeck pancake queen Lorna Webb has given us her top tips for creating the most delicious pancakes.

pancake day, Lorna Webb, 2 Poachers Gate, Pinchbeck Lorna tosses pancakes (30207415)
pancake day, Lorna Webb, 2 Poachers Gate, Pinchbeck Lorna tosses pancakes (30207415)

Mrs Webb, a veteran fundraiser who has raised many thousands of pounds for charity, has held numerous annual pancake parties to raise money for good causes and would often make between 300 and 500 pancakes for the events.

“I’ve made one or two in my time,” Mrs Webb modestly says.

“The recipe is very ordinary, just plain flour, eggs and milk and then you can use butter, lard or even an oil to grease the pan.

“Once you have made the batter you should leave it to stand for at least half an hour but ideally longer, around four or five hours, as that allows the mixture to absorb the flour.

“You can always add a splash of milk or water into the mix if it’s too thick and you want to make sure you give the batter a mix after it’s rested.

“Don’t put the fat straight into the pan because this is dangerous for when you toss the pancake as hot fat will fly around, instead dampen some kitchen paper in fat you choose and run it over the pan.

“Once the pan has been moistened with the fat, run the batter in and make sure you cover the surface. If you are making thin pancakes, the pancake will be ready to flip in seconds.”

When it comes to flipping pancakes, Mrs Webb says that tossing them in the pan is absolutely fine and that if you have a practice you’ll be a dab hand in no time.

Lorna Webb, pictured in 2018, who can even flip pancakes while wearing a supportive arm brace. (44378557)
Lorna Webb, pictured in 2018, who can even flip pancakes while wearing a supportive arm brace. (44378557)

She said: “When you toss the pancake it’s no good not moving! You’ve really got to lift the pain and move with the pancake to catch it.

“You don’t want to have the batter too thick because they will struggle to flip over properly and make sure that there isn’t too much fat in the pan as that can be very dangerous when tossing.”

Whether you’re a sweet or savoury fan, it’s true that pancakes are not only delicious but also incredible versatile, providing the perfect treat at any time - but which toppings would Mrs Webb recommend?

“There are several options of toppings, from golden syrup or lemon or orange juice to a bit of mixed spice with sultanas or fruit salad with cream,” she said.

“Lemon curd is nice for a change of taste and you could even use any mincemeat you have left over from Christmas.

“Some people roll their pancakes or you could fold them into a fan shape and put the filling on top.”

Mrs Webb also says that pancakes aren’t just for one day of the year and can be enjoyed all year round.

She added: “You can make them and freeze them for two to three weeks and they come out quite well!

“Pancakes aren’t just for pancake day, you can have them at any time and they are lovely as a pudding with ice cream.”

Pancake recipe

Use the “1, 2, 3, method” by mixing 100 grams of plain flour with two eggs and 300 millilitres of milk into a batter.

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