Took morphine overdose

A man found dead on a roadside committed suicide because he was "frightened of what he was becoming".

His mother Amanda Spillett told an inquest in Spalding that her son Ben Barrow (20) had grown increasingly worried because he was suffering from a host of medical problems.

Thyroid problems had caused him to struggle with his weight and he was suffering from sickness almost daily.

He also had a hiatus hernia and was taking anti-depressants.

Ben, of Ayscough Avenue, Spalding, knew his mother had been taking morphine, which was kept in a locked safe alongside his own drugs, for a prolapsed disc.

Somehow he found the combination and in the early hours of October 15, after his mother went to bed, Ben left the house and took an overdose of morphine.

A man walking his dog discovered Ben's body in South Drove, Spalding.

Ms Spillett thanked Jeremy Faint, of the Crisis team at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital, which had helped her in the past when Ben had struggled to cope.

Coroner Maureen Taylor recorded a verdict of suicide.