Tiny hole in street at Sutton Bridge “swallows” buckets of cement

Nigel Fenton with his measuring stick. SG260417-401TW
Nigel Fenton with his measuring stick. SG260417-401TW
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County highways were alerted when a Sutton Bridge pensioner was alarmed by a “tiny” hole in the street 3ft from his house.

Nigel Fenton (81) says, at first, the hole in the tarmac wasn’t much wider than a £1 coin but it grew to three or four inches across.

He and a friend, Bob Sutton, used a stick and measured its depth at about 4ft 6in.

Nigel, of Lime Street, says council workmen arrived on Wednesday and poured three or four buckets of liquid cement into the hole, but that still didn’t fill it, and they were coming back the next day to finish the job.

Speaking on Wednesday, Bob said: “I put a stick down it tonight and the cement had gone hard but it’s still about 2ft 6in to 3ft deep.”

The pensioner is concerned because there is a water leak 15-20 metres further up the road and believes leaking water may be washing away the silt underground.

But Nigel says the water company told him the leak and the hole were not linked.

The pensioner is describing it as a “sinkhole” while the county council says it’s a “void”.

Sue Cooper, senior county highways officer, said: “It’s not clear what’s caused the void beneath the road.

“Unusually, it’s a box-shaped hole, and it’s difficult to judge its exact depth.

“We’ve arranged for it to be filled with concrete and then covered with tarmac, and we’ll be monitoring it in case there are any further issues.”