Time to stub out that unhealthy smoking habit

Helen Warren is proud to be a quitter ANL-150303-142442001
Helen Warren is proud to be a quitter ANL-150303-142442001
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As part of No Smoking Day on March 11, The Guardian has been speaking to those who quit the habit, and to local advisors about how you too can get support to quit for good.

Helen Warren from Spalding, smoked 20 cigarettes a day until she suffered a heart attack last year and faced the prospect of missing out on watching her three children grow up.

Helen (46) said: “I had a big heart attack on November 24; I managed to make it into work then got taken to Lincoln County Hospital. Doctors told me if I didn’t stop smoking I would die.

“During my heart attack it dawned on me that there was a real possibility that I may not make it to see my three children get married or ever see any grandchildren.

“To me, leaving them without their mum really gave me no choice but to stop smoking – they are my world and whatever other reason would I need to stop smoking?

“It’s not till you face the Grim Reaper that it puts perspective into your life.”

Helen is using an inhaler, lozenges and an e-cigarette to curb her nicotine cravings.

She said: “Alison, my Phoenix adviser, is very supportive if I need to chat I give her a ring or drop her a text and she always gets back to me.

“I’m really proud of myself. It wasn’t really my decision to stop smoking but I’ve dealt well with it.”

Helen has inspired others to give up smoking too including her sister, her sister’s ex-husband and his father.

“I would definitely recommend the Phoenix NHS Stop Smoking Service. I’m feeling a lot better now, I’m on phased return at work and my health is improving,” she added.

“I didn’t really keep a track of how much I was spending on cigarettes but I know I am saving money.”