Time to sail by for Navy man

Commander Martin Clegg, Commanding Officer of HMS Sherwood, Nottingham.
Commander Martin Clegg, Commanding Officer of HMS Sherwood, Nottingham.
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Sailing By, the music forever linked with radio’s Shipping Forecast, will take on new meaning for a Naval Commander from Spalding next week.

After a 34-year career on land and sea, Commander Martin Clegg (56) is to leave his role as Commanding Officer of HMS Sherwood, Nottingham, on Tuesday to take up a new job as an advisor for Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) units in Eastern England.

Martin, who joined the Royal Navy (RN) in 1980, has spent the last five years managing HMS Sherwood, the only RNR unit in the East Midlands.

Since retiring from the RN and trasferring to the RNR in 2008, Martin’s responsibilities have included training volunteers to serve with the Royal Navy on a part-time basis.

Martin said: “It’s almost like handing a member of your family over and whilst I realise it’s right and proper for me to move on, if somebody said ‘you can have the role for another year’, I’d jump at the chance.

“I have lots of friends at HMS Sherwood and I’ve been well-supported by my permanent staff who have helped me look after a group of people, making sure they can achieve their own potential.”

Martin, whose wife Mary attended Spalding High School for two years, was a Naval Officer in the 1982 Falklands War and worked at the Ministry of Defence during the second Gulf War which ran from 2003 until 2011.

“There have been lots of personal highlights, but overseeing the move of HMS Sherwood’s RNR Unit to a new, purpose-built facility was probably one of the most challenging and fulfilling moments of my career,” Martin said.

“The RN gave me the opportunity to travel round the world, make some fabulous friends and have a really enjoyable career.”