Time to get new angling licence

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New fishing rod licences went on sale this week, and, at £27 for coarse fishing and non-migratory trout, or £72 to also fish for salmon and sea trout, the Environment Agency says they are great value for money.

There are flexible options to choose from too: a one or eight day licence or the full season. There are also junior and concession options.

You can buy your rod licence online from the Post Office here, at postoffice.co.uk or by phoning 0344 8005386.

Buying a rod licence online from the Post Office website is easy, and saves both time and administration costs, meaning that more of the income can be spent on improving fish stocks and fishing.

Always ensure that you buy direct from the Post Office because there are some unofficial websites which charge a handling fee.

Anyone fishing illegally is cheating other licence paying anglers, can expect to be prosecuted and face a substantial fine.

In 2014-2015 the Environment Agency checked 70,000 rod licences and prosecuted more than 2,000 anglers for fishing without a licence resulting in more than £500,000 in fines and costs.

Rod licence prices and structure remain the same in 2016.

Any proposed changes will come in from March 2017.