Tigers urge rethink over park plans

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HOLBEACH United are urging parish councillors to reconsider their decision to refuse permission for ground improvements at Carter’s Park.

The football club’s chairman Dave Dougill says they have been left in a “difficult” position after Holbeach Parish Council turned down a request to have a hardstanding put in along one side of the pitch.

The council has said the changes may not be necessary as it has not yet been requested by the Football Association and it would mean no cricket club will be able to play in the park.

Mr Dougill said: “Cricket has not been played at the park for between 12 and 13 years now. As much as I love all sports, if they wanted to play cricket on there, they will have to spend between £20-25,000 to lay a proper cricket square.

“Coun Isobel Hutchinson said we should wait and see what the FA request. If we had waited to replace the grandstand we would be dead and buried by now. “We are trying to be proactive this time rather than reactive.”

Mr Dougill says clubs should have hardstanding - a one metre strip of concrete - around all four sides of the pitch but currently Carter’s Park only has it on three.

Last summer, Holbeach United were demoted from the UCL Premier Division after the ground was deemed to be in breach of the required Grade F standard.

They were later reinstated to the league when a rival club were accepted into a different league.

Mr Dougill said: “As I understand it we are the only team in this league in this situation. It leaves us in a difficult position. We are just trying to pre-empt the FA.

“We are struggling and if it comes to the end of the season, the FA could say there is only one team with three sides of hardstanding, bye bye.”

Mr Dougill said: “It’s not the biggest, it’s not the best but it’s one of the better grounds and it brings people into the town.”