‘Thugs won’t stop me dressing as Doctor Who’

Avid Dr Who fans: Colin Spendelow and Jonathan Kelly
Avid Dr Who fans: Colin Spendelow and Jonathan Kelly
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A DOCTOR Who dress-a-like has vowed not to be put off from donning his outfit after a savage beating in Spalding, which left him with a broken jaw.

Jonathan Kelly (28), of Weston Hills, was attacked following an incident on the night of the Spalding Pumpkin Parade after a gang of youths had tried to take his prized hat, which is in the style of Peter Davison’s fifth incarnation of the popular television timelord.

He and fellow fan Colin Spendelow (19), who used to dress as David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, were shocked by the violence shown - but say that the incident is now finally behind them - and are focussing on a positive future instead.

Jonathan, known in some circles as “Lidl’s legend” thanks to his memorable role at the budget town centre supermarket, sometimes dons his costume while helping out at the Spalding Cancer Research store.

He has only just got back to wearing the outfit, and spoke to the Spalding Guardian about the way he wants to put the firmly in the past and play a part in this year’s Flower Parade - feeling that its theme of British Icons is ideally suited to the British TV classic.

He said: “I’ve been through Peterborough, Birmingham and London dressed like this and never had any problems. I didn’t think I would have any problems like this in Spalding - it makes Birmingham look friendly!”

One of a group of ten youths pinched his hat as he was walking outside the Bull & Monkie pub in Church Street. When he went over to fetch it he was attacked.

He said: “I couldn’t risk it - if I left it with them it could have been thrown away or in the river.

“I made the mistake of going after them - I wasn’t scared and I just had to get my hat back.

“If it was a plain hat I would have just let them have it. When I was in the ambulance somebody passed it back to me.

“There really ought to be CCTV down there. I would hate for it to happen to somebody else.

“This is the first time I have stepped out in the cosutme since October and I really want to be part of this year’s Flower Parade show.”

The fifth Doctor is a favourite of Jonathan’s and he has turned heads in his costume at fan conventions where he has met famous figures from the show’s history including fourth doctor Tom Baker, but has yet to meet Peter Davison himself.

Colin, who tried to help his friend on the night, is training to become an actor and is working on outfit for Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow.

Colin’s mum is able to help the pair with some of the alterations needed to get their costumes as near to the on-screen versions as possible - and a lot of effort goes in to source accurate items.

He said: “I am going into acting and am getting used to the fact that you are going to get fans and people who hate you.

“I’ve always wanted to get into acting and I’m not going to let somebody like that get in my way.”

*Two 16-year-old boys have been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm for an offence on Friday, October 8. They have been released on bail to return to Spalding Police Station on March 28.