THROUGH YOUR ARCHIVES: Lovely memories for bonny baby

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JANET Hutchinson has held on to this newspaper clipping from 1938 not because she was one of the bonny babies pictured at the baby show held as part of the Spalding Spectacular Carnival held that year, but because it connects Janet with her late mother.

Janet’s mother, Nell Neale, is the one wearing a hat on the right-hand side of the front row, holding an eight-month-old Janet. Janet won a cup as one of the Cow & Gate bonniest baby competition winners who were featured in the Spalding Guardian of July 8, 1938.

“We lived in Knipe Avenue for a long while when it was newly built,” recalls Janet, who lives in Bourne Road, Spalding. “My father, Harry Neale, was well known on the railway. My mother kept that cutting. She died when I was 17 and I don’t remember much about how I got the clipping but I remember the cup. I think she must have talked to me about the cup being mine and I’ve still got it.”