Three lanes plan for A17 in South Holland is under fire from councillors

County councillor Peter Coupland at the Lowgate and A17 junction.
County councillor Peter Coupland at the Lowgate and A17 junction.
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A £2.5million scheme for new overtaking lanes on the A17 is under fire for a second time.

Councillors in Sutton Bridge say the £2.5million plan for a mile-long stretch in the Gedney area won’t make the road safer.

They also fear the county council is eyeing up a second scheme for the A17 at Sutton Bridge, which they believe would undo good work carried out by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership eight or nine years ago.

Narrower lanes allowed slow moving farm vehicles to pull in, for traffic to go by, and also stopped drivers in both directions creating their own third lane by driving down the middle of the road.

Coun Michael Booth says he can’t remember an accident along the straight since that work was done, although there have been accidents at the roundabouts.

He said: “It concerns me that they are trying to make the road faster when there isn’t a problem.”

Coun Both says the £2.5million earmarked for the Gedney 2+1 improvement would be better spent curing accident blackspots.

He said: “This sort of money ought to be used for making the road safer and I don’t think it is making it safer.”

County councillor Peter Coupland, who represents Holbeach Rural, recently said the £2.5million would be better used on building a slip road at Fleet Hargate.

He believes the scheme is flawed because there is no congestion to ease.

Coun Richard Davies, the county’s executive member for highways, explained: “As part of the improvements we’ll be carrying earlier next year in Gedney, an eastbound overtaking lane will be added on the A17 between the roundabout junction with the B1359 and the junction with Lutton Garnsgate.

“We’ve also recently submitted a bid for funding that would allow us to construct an additional westbound overtaking lane between the roundabout junction with the B1390, Long Sutton, and the junction with Seagate Road on the A17.

“When complete, both of these improvement projects will complement each other and provide road users with safe overtaking opportunities, while also improving journey time reliability and alleviating congestion on the A17.”

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