Three are jailed for attacking teenager

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A TERRIFIED teenager was threatened and assaulted after being taken on a 20-mile journey.

Vytautas Zickus (19) was driven from his home in Boston to Moulton Seas End where he was subjected to an attack by three men.

The dispute was over a £200 debt he owed to Martyna Kubeckas after the two men swapped cars.

Kubeckas made a number of unsuccessful attempts to recover the money and eventually turned up with three other men and took Mr Zickus back to Moulton Seas End.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court: “He was subjected to threats, intimidation and violence in order to make him arrange for the money to be forthcoming.”

Mr Zickus was punched and then threatened with a baseball bat.

At one point he was ordered to start digging a hole in the yard after being told that two bodies were already buried under the ground.

During the incident he was plied with alcohol in an attempt to get him so drunk he would not remember what had happened.

He made phone calls to friends to try and raise the cash without success and was then driven back to Boston where he was further assaulted.

Mr Zickus eventually managed to flee and raise the alarm after his attackers were distracted by the sound of a police siren.

He made his way to Boston Police Station to get help. He was left with two black eyes as well as multiple cuts and bruises.

Martynas Kubeckas (29) and his brother Zigmas Kubeckas (20), both of Hall Lane, Moulton Seas End; and Roman Belousov (31), of no fixed address, each admitted charges of false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Martynas Kubeckas was jailed for 45 months, Zigmas Kubeckas for 38 months and Belousov for 34 months.

Michael Proctor, for Martynas Kubeckas, said he apologised for the incident, adding: “He bitterly regrets his behaviour and does not offer any explanation for it. He is very sorry for the effect on the victim. He was enforcing a legitimate debt but clearly in a way he should not have done.”

He said Kubeckas had worked in the UK for eight years without incident and his jail sentence would have a shattering effect on his family.

David Eager, for Zigmas Kubeckas, said he had only been in this country for a couple of weeks and simply joined in to support his elder brother.

Alison Summers, for Belousov, said he was a hard worker who acted out of character.

She said: “This should be seen as a one-off act of gross stupidity. It was an ill-conceived plan which went too far.”