Threat issued to owners of eyesore Spalding site

The eyesore site in Churchgate, Spalding.
The eyesore site in Churchgate, Spalding.
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OWNERS of one of Spalding worst eyesores could be forced to sell the site unless they clean up their act.

The former Bull and Monkie pub in Churchgate has lain derelict for a number of years, despite planning permission being granted in 2009 for it to be converted into a care home for Alzheimer’s sufferers.

But the economic downturn saw plans shelved and the owners, British Virgin Islands-based company Crispen Holdings, have allowed the site to fall into even worse disrepair.

In the past it has been a magnet for homeless people – forcing South Holland District Council to step in to install security shutters – and in the past week or so it has once again been broken into, meaning it is no longer secure and poses a health and safety risk to anyone who enters.

The council has since written a letter calling on the owners to secure it, but it is feared taxpayers will again have to foot the bill for the work to be carried out if no response is received, as has happened in the past.

There is already an outstanding charge against the owners for the installation of the shutters in 2010.

District councillor Howard Johnson insists that if the owners fail to respond, harsher action could be taken.

He said: “If it goes on much longer and the site continues to be an eyesore, it may be that we would have to consider a CPO (compulsory purchase order) because the site is an absolute disgrace.

“Volunteers, including myself, have been in there to clear it up on several occasions and found all sorts of unmentionable things. It is disgusting. It is a prime town centre site and gives a bad impression.

“The owners should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

“Something needs to be done about it, and done soon.”