THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: We must all work together to deliver an outcome that is fair to everyone

Roger Seal
Roger Seal
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As I write this, we are all going to the polls, so I can only speculate about the result. Even so, there are a number of certainties.

Firstly, almost half of the country wanted a different outcome. The campaign was passionately contested, and people recognised how important it was to get it right.

If you lost, you may well feel sore, frustrated or worried. I cannot wish that away and, if the vote goes against me, I could well share that feeling, but let’s not forget the wider picture.

This world and how it is governed belong to God. We could have ideas about how to run it and some ambition to take control, but, in fact, we are not in charge: best to trust the real governor and hand things over to him.

What’s more, he can rescue and redeem like no-one else, if we only let him.

Secondly, the other half of us must recognise that winning the vote is no grounds for self-congratulation or pride.

You must see to it that all your assurances stand up, all your promises come true, and that you can provide leadership that unites the whole country.

And do not forget that there were many honourable people who voted the other way; you have got to work with them to deliver an outcome that is fair to everyone, according to their need, however they voted.

We all have work to do; there is no room for passengers.