THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: There is much more to Christianity than where you go on a Sunday

Roger Seal
Roger Seal
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Last week, the Spalding Quakers were faced with a crisis: the lock on the front doors of our meeting house had seized up, which meant we could be unable to get in for worship on Sunday.

This would undoubtedly have upset our routine and inconvenienced us, but it set me thinking whether it was any more critical than that. What if it stayed locked? Would that spell the end for Spalding Quakers?

And what if the same happened to all the churches in the town? Would that be the end of Christianity?

Certainly it would shake things up, but what about the long term?

A town without churches would seem a poor place, especially if the authorities had ordered systematic demolition, but that is what has happened in China, and yet Christianity is said to be spreading faster in the Far East than in any other country in the world.

And let’s not forget Jesus himself: what he believed and taught seldom involved him going into any building, but out into the open.

So my lesson from all this is that there is much more to Christianity than where you go and what you do on Sundays.