THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Let us pray for victims of Norwegian massacre

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THE tragedy in Norway has stunned the world.

A young man thought his views were so important that many other lives could be sacrificed in such a dreadful way.

He has been called a fundamentalist, a term used to describe someone who puts their ideological views above all other considerations.

It is not just people of a religious nature that do this. Some of the greatest atrocities have been committed by those driven by a political ideology, such as in Nazi Germany.

Why do people really do these terrible things? Whatever their ideology, it does show that human beings are capable of putting a very low value on the lives of others, and there lies the problem.

What sort of world have we created when the lives of others are expendable in order to achieve what we want?

How often do we feel that money has become more important than lives, or that people with their own agendas do not listen to us?

Let us pray for those whose lives have been torn apart by this tragedy, that they may know the love and care of others and that the world may wake up to seeking answers to why some individuals think human lives matter so little.


Vicar of Gosberton

Group of Parishes