THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Jesus’ claim worth checking out

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I heard squealing tyres and saw a car heading straight for mine, head on, out of control. I thought ‘this is going to be serious!’ A massive jolt, and seconds later I realised I was still alive and uninjured.

There was smoke and a burning smell. Some strange white fabric was draped over the dashboard; it was the remains of an airbag that may well have saved my life.

The door was jammed. I forced it open. A young guy helped me out. He and his friends had left their party to assist at the scene and to direct the traffic. They had spotted the other driver, clearly drunk, limping away into the darkness.

Some people say there is no God and life has no meaning. We are all just the result of an accident. Fair enough – but why should we believe a word they say? The guy who tells me I’m a nasty accident is just an accident himself. Jesus on the other hand tells us he was there in the beginning and can show us what God is like. That’s a claim which is worth checking out.

Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton

Gosberton Baptist Church