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FOLLOWING my piece last week about St Matthew, I have been asked to write about St Luke ahead of local drama group Redeemed’s production of ‘The Blog According to Luke’ next month.

As well as his Gospel, St Luke also wrote the Acts of the Apostles.

He was a Greek phyician and is believed to have died of natural causes unmarried at the age of 84, although one legend has it that he was crucified alongside St Andrew.

Uniquely in his Gospel, Luke gives us the familiar stories of the appearance of Gabriel to Mary, the shepherds’ adoration, and the presention of the baby Jesus in the temple, together with the account of the 12-year-old Jesus staying behind in Jerusalem to talk with some of the leading Jewish teachers.

Luke emphasises in his Gospel the plight of the outcast, the deprived, and the foreigner.

He was particularly careful to stress Jesus’s affirmation of the worth of women.

With a doctor’s eye he saw how the Divine Healer came to treat not only the physical but also the spiritual needs of the world.

Luke was also a staunch friend to St Paul. Loyal, compassionate, trustworthy – every generation could benefit from more Christian disciples like St Luke.

But come to one of Redeemed’s six shows, and find out more, delivered in an imaginative and entertaining way.


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