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THE beauty of the Christmas story must not lead us to imagine that it was a perfect, tranquil world into which Jesus came. The Holy Land was an occupied country. The Jews longed for liberation. King Herod sought means of destroying our infant lord. It was a restless, cruel world.

And we don’t need telling that it is that kind of world today. Yet the angel’s message is still the same. ‘Fear not...’ it is into this very world, with so many sorrows, that God has come. The good news is ‘Unto you is born a Saviour...’ Christ has come. God isn’t indifferent to, or aloof from, the world that he has made.

If we are to know God it can only be as God chooses to reveal Himself, and supremely he has shown Himself in a person, in Jesus. But the Jesus of history has to become for us the Jesus of experience. Christmas can’t truly mean much for us unless this is so.

‘Though Christ in Bethlehem

A thousand times were born

Unless he be born in thee

Thou art forlorn.’

What matters is the living experience of Christ. Christ has come to us. We must respond.


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