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Spalding Lions Santa Timetable 2019

Monday, December 2 – Donington

Park Lane, Gleed Avenue, Church View Close, Church Street, Main Road, Church Lane, Browntoft Lane,

Manchester Way, Badgate Lane, Crosslands, Mill Lane, Mallards Reach, Saxony Way, Highfield Road, Market Place.

Spalding Lions' Santa sleigh (5560846)
Spalding Lions' Santa sleigh (5560846)

Tuesday, December 3 – Donington

Market Place, Station Street, Barnes Road, Cowleys Road, Malting Lane,Arnham Way, Town Dam Lane, Salters Way,Beech Grove, Chestnut Avenue, Ash Court, Top of Laurel Close, Maple Way, Flinders Road, Summerson Close, Lindum Way, Orchard Close, Town Dam Lane (only as far as Mill Lane), Mill Lane.

Wednesday, December 4 – Cowbit

Main Road, Parkin Road, Top of Ash Tree Drive and Dun Cow Drive, Backgate, Curlew Drive, End of Sedge Place, Milfoil Lane, End of Wigeon Close, Teal Grove, The Pastures, Meadow Walk, Willow Court, Stonegate, Orchard Way, Vicarage Close, Russell Drive, End of Glebe Walk, End of St. Mary’s Gardens, Clarkson Avenue, End at Church.

Thursday, December 5 – Weston

High Road, Small Drove, Dean Close, Park Court, Delgate Avenue, Main Road, High Road, Beggars Bush Lane, Broadgate, St Marys Close, Armstrong Close, Broadgate to Main Road, High Road, Wimberley Close, Hutchinson Gardens, St. Lamberts Grove, High Road, Edgefield, Top of Park Road.

Monday, December 9 – Quadring

Town Drove, Casswell Drive, Boyfields, Ashwin Gate, Dovecotes, Ludlow Gardens, Watergate, Charlotte Walk, Gosberton Road, St. Margarets.

Tuesday, December 10 – Gosberton

High Street, Park Close, Bowgate, Lila Drive, Churchfleet Lane, Poachers Hide, Welby Drive, Cambridge Gardens, Low Gate.

Wednesday, December 11 – Gosberton

Mill Lane, Rutland Gardens, Medway Close, Poplar Drive, Belchmire Lane, Godfrey Avenue, Whitehall, Salem Street, Wargate Way, Field Close, Westhorpe Road.

Thursday, December 12 – Surfleet

Chip Shop, St Laurence Close, Main Road, Stockhouse Lane, Surfleet Road, Mermaid Pub, Sunnydale Close, Station Road, School Crescent, Glen Gardens, Kingfisher Drive, Heron Close, Riverside Pub.

Monday, December 16 – Pinchbeck

Brayfields, St. Marys Avenue, Rose Lane, Wimberley Way, Harpe Close, Mountbatten Avenue, Independence Drive, Edwina Avenue, Viceroy Drive, Burma Avenue, Kelly Close, Viscount Close, Pennytoft Lane, Penway Drive, Pennyfields, Mayfield Close.

Tuesday, December 17 – Pinchbeck

Rotten Row, Laxton Gardens, Cherryholt Lane, Southgate, Orchard Close, Fennel Road, Rose Lane, The Chase, Wayet Road, Primrose Crescent, Westfield Drive, Forge Crescent, Knight Street, Top of Guildhall Drive, Main Road Church to the Bull, Bear Lane, Brownlow Crescent, Glen Avenue.

Wednesday, December 18 – Pinchbeck

Birch Close, Captains Beck, Poachers Gate, Meadow Close, Crossgate Lane, Flaxmill Lane, The Hawthorns, Crossgate Crescent, Maurice Chappell Way, Porthouse Drive, Milestone Lane, Main Road, Oldhams Drive, Horsepit Lane, Ranville Close, Oakland Way, Town Farm Close, Main Road back onto Church Street.

Thursday, December 19 – West Pinchbeck

Six House Bank Crossroads, Linden Way,Northgate, Starlode Drove, Elizabeth Crescent, Six House Bank,Rural Avenue, Blacksmiths Row, Main Road to Edinburgh Walk.

Static timetable

Sunday, December 1, Sainsbury's, from 10am.

Friday, December 6, Morrison's, from 9.30am.

Saturday, December 7, Morrison's, from 9.30am.

Sunday, December 8, Sainsbury's, from 10am.

Friday, December 13, Morrison's, from 9.30am.

Saturday, December 14, Morrison's, from 9.30am.

Sunday, December 15, Morrison's, from 9.30am.

Friday, December 20, Sainsbury's, from 10am.

Saturday, December 21, Morrison's, from 9.30am.

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