This war is unbalanced

Elite police officers arrive outside the Bataclan theatre in Paris (AP) PPP-151114-110556001
Elite police officers arrive outside the Bataclan theatre in Paris (AP) PPP-151114-110556001
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So, the events in Paris last weekend have left us shocked, devastated and angry. The horror of innocent people going out for the evening and being slaughtered by IS was felt the world over, with leaders standing together in a show of solidarity. The reality is there is death and destruction on a daily basis in the Middle East, with innocent people, especially children, being killed. While this is awful, it is a war zone, with fighters on both sides trying to battle it out to bring stability…terrible as it is, it is expected when a country is at war.

This is what makes these types of attacks more horrific…the unexpected scenario, the not knowing when they will strike, leading to us all being suspicious of others…the tool used by the madmen wanting to take over the world. But what type of world do they really want? By bombing and killing human beings, what are they hoping to achieve? Do they really think that people will be scared into conversion, thinking “Oh, let’s convert to this barbaric version of religion, because it’s obviously the best way to live”?

Imagine the scene…IS have taken over every town and city of the world, used and abused the women to death and shot every man…destroyed buildings and reduced our world to an Armageddon style landscape…what then? Nobody to grow the food, build the houses, transport the fuel and weapons, not that they need to drive around with guns, because there will be nobody left to threaten…

I recently watched a documentary that showed the lives of ordinary Syrians, who have had everything taken away…ISIS rolled in on a Thursday afternoon, proclaiming “If you want to stay here, you have to convert to Islam, or pay a tax, or be beheaded or leave”. When the Christians in the area offered to pay the tax, they were told that this was a joke, there is no option to pay tax. That narrowed it down to convert, die, or leave…not really a choice. The local people, especially the Christians, had to leave, often with just the shirt on their back as ISIS changed their minds and began to kill them. One young guy who owned a shop, fully stocked up, and living nearby, stayed after ISIS promised him that he would be ok. He then watched as his friend was blown up in front of him. He literally had to flee for his life.

How do our governments deal with these people who have no regard for human life, willing to die for their “cause”, which seems to change from one day to the next…anyone who uses religion to rape little girls, citing that it brings them closer to God, is insane…thinking that killing people brings them great rewards makes no sense to anyone.

As a Christian, I am meant to pray, love and forgive my enemies…I don’t want anybody to die, including the men involved in terrorism. But even Canon Andrew White, who has been involved with the peace movement in the Middle East for years, responded to the question of what to do about IS by saying they need removing; not in a led-away-in-handcuffs way, but in a take-them-out-with-a-bomb kind of way. This is a godly man of peace yet he understands that we cannot negotiate with this type of terrorist.

We didn’t fight for the right to live in a democracy where free speech and tolerance is part of the society, for it to be taken away by some madmen with twisted ideology not suitable for this life or the next.’