THEFT: Stolen bush was in memory of daughter’s stillborn baby

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A seasonal message to the toe rag that stole my daughter’s rose bush from our front porch steps.

This was a rose bush she had bought to commemorate the memory of her stillborn baby.

I hope it made you feel good. It’s not the cost of a replacement rose that upsets us – it’s the fact that the rose was bought purely for that 
purpose to remember what would have been her first child.

If you had knocked on our door and asked I would have given you the £6 to go and buy your own.

Yes maybe it was to you a drunken or selfish prank or even a “sorry” for forgetting your anniversary, but to my daughter it is just one more kick in the teeth that she did not need at this time of year.

We as a family hope you had a miserable Christmas, just as you deserve.

Please do not bother trying to nick the other one as it has been moved.

Maybe your object could have been to nick our Christmas tree – tough, it’s locked to the railings.

Rachael Lynn