Theatre review: Abigail’s Party by Lincoln Theatre Company

Lincoln Theatre Company's Abigail's Party.
Lincoln Theatre Company's Abigail's Party.
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Penny Bristow reviews the production shown at South Holland Centre in Spalding.

Mike Leigh’s 1970s darkly comic play Abigail’s Party is set in the living room of nouveau riche couple Beverley and Laurence.

They are entertaining a couple who have just moved in a few doors away, Ange and Tony. Also invited to the party is Sue, another neighbour whose teenage punk daughter is throwing a party in Sue’s house.

The play is a bizarre mix of characters, such as Beverley, who is desperate to impress with her hospitality and impressive house, especially Tony with whom she flirts outrageously all evening. Then there is Ange, a lovely bubbly nurse who just wants to be popular and is as eager as a puppy. There is poor Sue who is as timid as a mouse and is pushed into drinking too much gin and is terribly sick.

Then there is long-suffering Laurence, who is struggling to keep everybody happy, especially his clients and his shrill wife.

There was much laughter throughout the whole of Lincoln Theatre Company’s production, and each of these young actors took on their parts extremely well.

The two young ladies who play Ange and Sue were, to me, excellent, living their characters the whole way through the performance.