The reel world of filmmaker Mark Kuczewski

Filmmaker Mark Kuczewski who has just released his latest film on to an online platform. Photo: SG020713-556NG
Filmmaker Mark Kuczewski who has just released his latest film on to an online platform. Photo: SG020713-556NG
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The name Mark Kuczewski may become a familiar credit at the end of films of the future.

But for now Mark (28), currently living with his dad in Long Sutton, is working as a freelance cameraman as he forges what he hopes will ultimately become a career as a film director.

Alongside the day job, Mark is building his portfolio of films, the latest of which has just been released as a documentary called Living with Someone.

The six-minute film is available to view on an online platform called Film Annex at

It’s the story of a girl with an imaginary boyfriend and the effect of that on those around her.

Surprisingly, Mark says the film was made at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

He was lucky with the cast members: his girlfriend Natalie Pailing, who has just returned to the family home at Pinchbeck from the Oxford School of Drama, took the lead role.

Natalie’s father John Pailing took the part of the next door neighbour.

Finally, the part of the psychiatrist was played by Charlotte Gernert, co-director of local theatre company Act II.

Mark says: “I wanted to make this in the local area because there are a lot more people willing to help out, so it was using who I knew and what I have learned from other films to get things for free.”

Location was not a problem either, with rooms in Natalie’s home, Bourne Wood and a field in Long Sutton used during filming.

Mark already had the equipment, built up over time. Since graduating in media film production in 2010, he has had a few jobs, working as a freelance camera operative and as a runner for Big Talk Productions, which produces things for Channel 4 and BBC3.

Mark explains: “This film was shot with natural light so there was no lighting equipment used because that costs a ridiculous amount of money. Apart from cutting costs, it gives a more natural feel for a documentary.”

This is Mark’s sixth film and first documentary, having previously produced romance, thriller, comedy, action and fantasy films.

However, Mark describes Living with Someone as “mockumentary” or fake documentary because the viewer is left with the impression that all is not quite as it first seems.