The real issue is what is being done?

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With reference to the letter from my local councillor, Angela Newton (‘Are we all practising what we’re preaching?’, Mailbox, June 2)

I am pleased that my local councillor has been taking a very keen interest in my letters. I wonder if she read the full content of my election leaflet with the same level of interest, or did she go straight to the bottom of the page to find out where the content had been printed?

As I work in Peterborough and the printer concerned was next door I was pleased to get the job done before the Easter break. I had to consider the convenience, cost and time constraints.

Coun Newton agreed that I was putting a good case forward for people to shop more locally, but I would hardly call printing leaflets local shopping. I do not have to answer to Coun Newton but I wanted to use a business more local but could not under my current circumstances.

Instead of having a playground snipe at me because of my low-cost election campaign it is time that Coun Newton took my issues on board and acted on my behalf as my councillor.

Getting out of the playground and back into the town centre and the serious issue of the demise of the high street.

May I ask South Holland District Council or my local councillor what is being done to help retain the individual outlets within the centre of town?

I do realise the problems with shop closures are national, but local communities are concerned and I feel any scheme that could be formulated to help our town should be a priority on any council agenda.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road