The new dance fitness craze that’s gripping South Holland

Nikki Healey and her Clubbercise group ANL-160507-104900001
Nikki Healey and her Clubbercise group ANL-160507-104900001
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I’ve never really been much of a raver. Looking back on my youth I probably managed one-all night dance-a-thon, but was much more at home with the YMCA, or learning the moves to Tragedy by Steps when I was at university.

And after that I’d probably enjoy a bit of a boogie at the odd wedding, but that would be it.

A few years later and it’s a completely different story. In fact I can’t wait to grab my glow sticks and hit the dancefloor – every week, without fail. Except, I’m not going to a club – it’s daylight, a week night and I’m wearing my workout gear and trainers.

I’ve joined the fitness revolution that is Clubbercise. It’s one hundred times better than anything I’ve tried before, not least because you get to work out in the dark with disco lights, glow sticks and (optional) neon clothing – so no-one can tell if you miss a move, or go wrong.

There’s a great, friendly atmosphere at the new Holbeach area class which is run by fitness instructor Nikki Healey, from Pinchbeck.

We’re less than two months in and I’m already hooked. And I’m not the only one – last week more than 50 people packed into the hall, while more put their names down on a waiting list hoping to nab the last available spots.

Like other fitness classes, Clubbercise is broken down into a warm up, followed by eight high energy routines including aerobic and street dance moves, all set to club classics such as The Key; The Secret, by Urban Cookie Collective, and Reel 2 Real’s I Like to Move It. A slower paced cool down including stretches finishes the class off.

Everyone is encouraged to work to their own level and Nikki shows us both high and low impact versions of some of the moves. You don’t need to be a disco diva to own the dancefloor here – anything goes, especially when we’re given the chance to go freestyle.

Like everything it takes a couple of weeks to get used to the routines, but once you’re up and running – sorry dancing! – it really is great fun, and because you’re having so much fun you really don’t notice how much of a sweat you’re working up.

An hour-long session of Clubbercise can burn up to 500 calories (that’s more than an hours’ worth of jogging) and gives you an all over body workout thanks to lots of glow stick waving. Yes I ache afterwards, but it is a good ache.

If you’re in a workout rut I’d definitely recommend giving Clubbercise a go – and you too can turn your workout into a night out. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

‘So basic but such great fun’ – instructor

Clubbercise classes have been springing up nationwide and locally – with sessions launched at Spalding Grammar School in January and more recently the Holbeach area.

So just what makes it so popular? It’s a combination of several things according to fitness instructor Nikki Healey, who teaches classes in Peterborough as well as Holbeach.

“It’s just so much fun,” she says, “and such a great idea, in fact I can’t believe that no-one has come up with it before now as it’s such a basic idea.

“It’s got everything that everyone wants in a fitness class – you’re having fun with your friends, exercising and you get to shake your glow sticks!

“Anyone can come along – male or female – and any age, as long as they’re over 16. It doesn’t matter what your fitness levels are as you can just go at your own pace.”

• Nikki’s Holbeach Clubbercise class has moved from Gedney Dyke Village Hall and is now held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm, in Holbeach Hub, Boston Road South, Holbeach, PE12 7LR.

To find out more and book your place, follow the ‘Clubbercise Holbeach with Nikki’ Facebook page.