THE HIGH LIFE by Spalding High School students

Meet the team.
Meet the team.
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After the initial elation of being given our own page in the Spalding Guardian, there was disputation over what our first column should consist of.

It then came to my attention that the readers, with no prior knowledge of who we are, could be confused as to what our column is.

Therefore, I dedicate our first article to introducing my team and our aims.

Firstly, I shall introduce the concept of this page. ‘The High Life’ clearly connotes a life of exuberance and fulfilment, although the pun is perhaps the most informative aspect of this title.

I am a student of Spalding High School, and I, alongside my team, wish to enlighten the public to the life of our school. We hope to circulate school events to the community on a weekly basis.

I now wish to explain who ‘we’ are. I am the joint editor of the school’s online paper ‘The High Quarterly’ and now, proud journalists of ‘The High Life’. The team consists of nine students who produce our uniquely crafted online newspaper.

The team is governed by Amanda Rossi, with two editors, myself and Eleanor Toal. Each student delivers a flair to the paper within their own subject-specific field.

The team consist of Hannah Greenacre (current affairs, school events, marketing), Rebecca Warren and Mercedes Baxter Chinery (science, maths, food, technology), Lily Dobbs (sport, geography), Annie Nicholas (fashion), Rebecca Wright (creative writing, crafts, books), Annie Fletcher (interior design, art).

As well as editing, Eleanor also looks after travel, philosophy and languages while I cover theatre, music and history. It is an honour to write for the Spalding Guardian and its readers and we hope you enjoy our column.