The hedgehogs have it... £500 cash

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DISTRICT councillor Rodney Grocock has donated £500 of council taxpayers’ cash to care for sick and injured hedgehogs.

News of the planned donation from his £4,000 Designated Councillors Budget sparked anger at Moulton Parish Council with members calling for the money to go to something more appropriate.

But – after appealing in The Spalding Guardian for public comments – the member for Cowbit, Moulton and Weston has now gone ahead with his plan.

He said: “The public opinion is in favour of me donating £500. I received a total of 25 comments – 16 are in favour and nine are against.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part in the debate. In my opinion there are two winners, of course the hedgehogs but also democracy.”

The cash will be held by Spalding’s Alder Veterinary Surgery to pay for sick and injured hedgehogs taken there.

l Our original story was featured on The British Hedgehog Preservation Society website and sparked a big debate.