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CABINET CALL: This week by South Holland District Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones

The issue of wheelie bins versus our current bag collection system has come to the fore again, with a small number of people signing a petition for bins to be introduced.

The facts surrounding bags, or bins are pretty straightforward.

One of the biggest issues for many, including myself, is the visual blight caused by the rows and rows of wheelie bins that can be seen cluttering up many streets across the country.

Even if you were prepared to put up with the street clutter, would you be prepared to only have your rubbish collected every two weeks, as happens in those areas with bins?

In fact, once you’ve got wheelie bins, it seems the sky is the limit, with three weekly collections now being introduced in some areas and at least one looking at a monthly collection.

Any council introducing wheelie bins, has to look at reducing the number of collections, because of the increased costs involved.

In South Holland, this would start with the £20 for each bin to be provided to just over 38,000 properties.

Then there’s the cost of collecting, emptying and returning the wheelie bin to each property.

This is much more time consuming and inefficient compared to a bag collection.

Some of our town based collection rounds, reach as many as 1,200 properties a day, an impossibility with wheeled bins.

Within reason, our collectors will pick up as many bags as a property leaves out. However, once a wheelie bin is full, that’s it. Anything left beside it, or even on top of it, will be left uncollected.

The issue of smelly bins in the summer months, is also well known and another reason why many people dislike them.

Can I take this opportunity to remind readers that we are still very keen to have people register their interest in our new garden waste collection service.

Even if you are not in one of our pilot areas, registering your interest will help us to get the evidence we need to extend the service to your area, sooner than might otherwise be the case.