The ‘big festival in a small town’ raises the bar for best event yet

Crowds enjoy the sunshine
Crowds enjoy the sunshine
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A ‘tremendous’ festival in Holbeach will raise thousands for charities in the town after a weekend of beer, music and fun.

Sean Taylor has organised the Holbeach Beer and Music Festival for the past three years, and this year’s may have been the best yet after around 3,000 people bought a wristband.

Ices for Zac and Harley Parker

Ices for Zac and Harley Parker

The weekend saw revellers bask in the warm August sunshine as they enjoyed their beers and listened to live music for a total of £10 for all three days.

Sean was ‘really proud’ after festival-goers told him he had put Holbeach on the map, and that he had created a big festival in a small town.

He said: “Overall it was a tremendous festival and I am really proud. I want to thank everyone who travelled down to be at the event. I think it’s put Holbeach on the map and it all went really well. I’m really happy with the response, both from people speaking to me over the weekend, and comments on Facebook. It’s overwhelming.

“I enjoy live music and doing things properly so to get good feedback is amazing. I spend most of the weekend trying to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time so as soon as Hounddogs were on stage I knew it was nearly finished and I could finally switch off and just enjoy it.

“It’s a big gamble to spend thousands organising an event which could lose money, but it is incredibly satisfying when it all comes together.

“I manage it all myself but I have a good team of friends and family who dedicate their time to help me. Their support makes it satisfying when it does well.”

Sean had two companies to offer special thanks to as both Chislett Hire and Crusader offered their services for free, donating lighting and organising traffic management.

“Thank you to everyone who supported me and believed in the event and came down and spent money.

“People like Chislett Hire who donated lighting for free is overwhelming support. There are not many companies who would do that. Crusaders charity managed all the cones and road side and traffic and did it without asking for a penny.

“It cost £30,000 to organise and people need to know that. It’s priced up so cheaply but as long as people turn up it all works out.

“Saturday was a fantastic evening and Sunday we had 2,000 come to watch the Hounddogs.

“It was a lovely ending as everyone was jumping and dancing. It was a good vibe and a great event. The money we raise will go to our town of Holbeach.”

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