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A mother is frustrated that her child is still being asked to wear a mask at Spalding High School

A concerned mother has voiced frustrations as one of her children is still being asked to wear a mask in school - despite it no longer being a legal requirement.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, lives in Spalding and has children at the town’s High School, Grammar School and Academy.

She says that while the Grammar School is mask-free and the Academy offers children a choice on whether to wear one or not, the High School staff still tell their students to wear them while walking between lessons, to the canteen and to bathrooms.

Spalding High School is still asking students to wear masks.
Spalding High School is still asking students to wear masks.

“Legally, mask wearing isn’t being enforced in schools. You don’t have to do it,” she told the Spalding Guardian.

“So you’ve got to question that, it’s not right. That’s an abuse of power in my opinion.

“They say the children are fine about it. The children are not fine about it.

“I know for a fact that there are people very upset that their children still have to wear a mask. But they don’t think they can do anything about it.

“You can walk round the corner and go shopping, go to a restaurant and there are no masks. Then you go to the school canteen and you need to muzzle up. It’s ridiculous.

“You have two schools taking what I think is a sensible approach, and another encouraging fear.

“I think it’s strange that the head teacher has the right to tell my child to wear something on their face. It’s not law.”

A statement from the High School said: “Spalding High School continues to follow the advice and guidance regarding Covid-19 to ensure that our students, staff and our school community remains safe.

“We have routinely consulted on our plans with students, staff, parents and professional associations and will continue to do so.

“The current Government guidance states that face coverings are to be considered in enclosed, crowded and poorly ventilated spaces which describes our stairwells, corridors (at lesson change) and canteen and these are the only areas that we continue to advise students and staff to wear them.

“Face coverings in all other areas of the school, including lessons are a matter of personal choice for students and staff.”

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