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Spalding area residents thanked by Jerry Green Dog Rescue for the donations

We’ve been receiving lots of bedding donations for our dogs over the last few months – enough to keep all of our furry friends comfortable and cosy throughout winter.

To ensure we are following our health and safety procedures, we unfortunately cannot accept any more bedding donations (including duvets, towels and dog beds) as we are running out of space to put it all.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their generosity – it really has been so kind.

Training tips. (41290961)
Training tips. (41290961)

There are other ways to help though. We are running low on our high-value training treats such as tinned hotdog sausages, cocktail sausages, soft and hard cheese and other tasty treats.

We would be very grateful if you can add a few little extras to your weekly shop for our rescue dogs. If you are passing the centre, please feel free to leave them at the gate or you can post them to us at the following address:

Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Marsh Lane, Algarkirk, Boston, PE20 2BB.

From everyone at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, thank you for your continued support.

Training tip: training with rewards

If you have seen any of our training tips before, you will have noticed that we talk a lot about rewarding your dog for behaviours when training them to do something new.

We use rewards when training as if we give our dogs something that they really like when they do something that we wanted them to, they are more likely to repeat that behaviour again as they’ll have a positive association with it.

For example, if I bring my hand to my shoulder and ask my dog to “sit”, they sit down, and I give them a treat.They are more likely to try doing it again when the same situation occurs.

So what can you use as a reward? The key to rewarding your dog when training them is you need to consider your dog as an individual – what do they really enjoy?

The reward needs to be something your dog really likes – the most common rewards are often food, toys and attention as most dogs enjoy these.

When using food, consider what type. For some dogs their own dry dog food or chopped vegetables may be rewarding enough but for others this might not be considered a treat so chicken, sausage or cheese might be best.

You can also play fetch or a game of tug to reward your dog for good behaviour. This is usually useful when outside at the park if they really enjoy toys. If you are using attention, as a reward make sure your dog really likes having a fuss and consider where on their body they prefer to be touched – if they are not too keen on having a stroke, stick to other rewards instead!

When training a new skill it is important to reward your dog every time – remember this is not a bribe to get them to do the behaviour, it instead is telling them they have done a good job.

When they have learnt the new behaviour and can do it consistently, you can reward them just some of the time (maybe every other time, than one in three times etc) and eventually you will be able to reward them by telling them “good dog” and give them a treat as an added bonus occasionally!

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