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A TEENAGER who was just minutes from death has set out on a fundraising mission to thank the service which helped to save him.

George Bellars, of Meadowgate Lane, Spalding, was just eight years old when the car he was in plunged upside down into a drain, leaving him trapped under water for up to 15 minutes.

By the time his mum Jo had been able to pull him free from his seatbelt and drag him out of the water on North Drove Bank, near Tongue End, he had stopped breathing and had gone blue.

Jo gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until he made a faint murmur. She then ran almost a mile to get help.

Now, five years on, George is organising fundraising events in aid of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, which got him to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital in about four minutes.

Jo said: “They did not hold out much hope at all.

“My brother overheard someone say they did not think he would be alive when they got to the hospital.

“Getting him there so quickly saved his life.”

Miraculously, George only spent one night in hospital and escaped injury.

George’s first fundraising event for the charity will be a coffee morning at the Community Room in Sezanne Walk, Spalding, next Friday.

Using his own initiative, he has been around businesses in the town to ask for raffle prizes and other donations.

Jo said: “This year seems to have been where George thinks about what happened to him and how lucky he is.

“He really wanted to do something to show how grateful he is. He took it upon himself to ask us to help him.

“I am so proud of him.”

George, a pupil at The Robert Manning Technology College in Bourne, has also spoken to his teachers about having a fundraising event in school.

“If I hear the air ambulance overhead I go to pieces,” said Jo. “The noise of it haunts me because it was the last thing I remember from the day of the accident and I didn’t know if George would be alive when I got to hospital.

“But at the same time, every time I see it I think how a lot of people stand and look but they do not understand the importance of it.

“It’s a matter of life or death.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation to next week’s coffee morning, should contact Jo on 07951 268920.